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escorting john to the bus or somethinnnnng

do trades count as petbound or

art trade with ryn!!! im so sorry thsi is terrible and anime and really gross and junk but i really tried

if you cant tell by that sorry back ground…

if you havent read ryns half of the trade, please do so!


My half of a trade with Flags! I hope you like it, precious. <3


Bro Strider / Dad Egbert

Petbound AU 

Frottage, Anal sex, Cat!Bro

When John starts getting clingy with new cat of the house Dave, Bro finds himself feeling left out of the equation. Dad decides that maybe extending a helping hand to the blonde may help, but how far will that help go when they find a growing attraction to one another almost impossible to ignore?

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cuz fizz

ill delete this later gomen


Many years in the past…

JOHN: monster hunter headquarters, please come in.

JOHN: this is captain john speaking.

JOHN: the monster is nowhere to be found, but i am keeping an eye out.

JOHN: i will bring him back. dead or alive.

DAD: John.

DAD: What are you up to, John?

JOHN: shhh!

JOHN: i’m in the middle of a very important mission, dad!!

JOHN: the monster is bound to make its move, and i have to be there to catch it!

JOHN: even if it takes forever.

JOHN: there it is!!

JOHN: i have to go save the world now, dad!! i’ll be back!

JOHN: monster hunter headquarters, this is captain john speaking. i am about to make my move.

JOHN: send reinforcements on my signal.

JOHN: three…

JOHN: two…

JOHN: chaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!!!!!

JOHN: … huh?

JOHN: hey now…

JOHN: e-easy there…

And just like that, the hunter is now the hunted! What will become of our hero? Will he wind up as dog meat or will he save the day? Find out next time in the next installment of Petbound!!


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EB: sometimes i wish he’d shown himself sooner…

EB: because for a while there, i was really convinced a monster had been stalking me!!!


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EB: to be frank with you, it’s really more like who was the first pet to find me.

EB: apparently bro had been watching me before i even knew he existed.


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EB: who was the first pet i found? and how did i find them?
EB: well…

EB: it’s kind of a long story.

( hello! we apologize for the lack of updates lately, but hopefully this will make up for it. it’s a multiparter. /o/

part 1 of ?? )


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EB: you can tell roxy likes hanging around bro a whole lot.
EB: sometimes she’d even fall asleep on top of him.
EB: i don’t think bro likes that very much, but he’s a good sport.
EB: he likes her in his own way.

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EB: i…
EB: i think i’m going to keep the askbox close for now, guys.

yaoi-squirrels-dead-account sent: what do you mean by youve seen bro already? i dont understand

( ah, it’s because he already introduced bro in a previous ask here, so by the time this ask was answered, you’ve basically already seen bro! does that make sense? )

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EB: i think she’s trying to tell me to sit down or something.
EB: oh, and the askbox is open for a bit! feel free to send in questions!